Captains & Staff

Tyler Martin

As the owner and fearless leader of SPSC, Tyler has been working tirelessly to get his idea for an affordable and comprehensive sailing school off the ground.  Tyler came to sailing in his early twenties at Cal sailing Club in Berkley California and was instantly hooked.  He bought his first boat and began living aboard and learning everything he could in 2008.  Tyler got his captains license in 2010 while cruising the east coast and has been teaching and sharing his love of sailing ever since.  With a dedicated and experienced staff behind him, Tyler will be focused on teaching courses, running charters, and passing on his passion for the sport to everyone he can.

Adam Patterson

Adam grew up sailing in Casco Bay and racing on any boat that would have him as crew.  After losing his way for a few years, Adam came back to sailing when he and his now fiance, Meghan, bought a boat together and moved aboard in October of 2011.  He taught dinghy lessons at SPSC during our first summer in business and has been hard at work maintaining the fleet and helping with business development ever since.  In the winter of 2012 Adam got his captains license and will now be teaching classes on his own boat.

Kyle Jacobs

Kyle has been dedicated to the marine fields since high school.  He has a degree Marine Propulsion Technology degree from Marine Mechanics Institute and worked at Portland Yacht Services for over six years.  He’s been sailing for several years and met Tyler after buying his last boat, a Paceship Chance 32/28.  In the winter of 2012 Kyle got his captains license and will now to be teaching on his boat as well helping us maintain the fleet.

Nick Aleandro

Nick came to sailing when he and his girlfriend Carolyn bought a Ketch rigged Cape Dory 30 in 2012 and began living aboard.  Nick has a business degree and is very mechanically inclined.  As well as a first rate carpenter, Nick is great with fiberglass, metal, and electrical systems.  He has been helping to maintain the fleet and develop the business since our first year.  As he has come into his own as a sailor, he has become an even more valuable member of our team and has made a great first mate on our trips.

Meghan Mageles

Meg came to sailing when she and Adam bought their Catalina 27 and began living aboard.  She was a bit apprehensive at first due to a bad experience she had as a child, but with the help of the SPSC team, she quickly came into her own.  In no time at all she has become the best crew member anyone could ask for and easily does any job on board.  She will be joining the team for 2013 as our office manager and helping as first mate on board.  Chances are she’ll be the one you talk to when you call us and the first one you see when come into the Clubhouse.